Maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires you to not only take care of your body, but to take care of your home as well. A well-maintained environment can provide you with numerous health benefits while also improving your mood and productivity!

This guide is meant to help you remember what things in your home need care to give yourself a clean, healthy living space.


Your kitchen contains many things that are important to clean as it is where you will prepare food. Check your fridge for any food that has gone bad and clean surfaces inside. Take out your garbage and keep the garbage can itself clean as well. The oven and stove tops should also be cleaned regularly since that is where you will be cooking food. Check under your sink to clean and to make sure there are no leaks as well.

Dining Room

Wipe off the table to clean up any food residue that may have been previously ignored. Disinfect the surface regularly as bacteria can grow when pieces of food are not cleaned up. Make sure the chairs are also clean and remember to sweep the floor as well.


Make sure that your tub and shower are clean as well as your sink as you use those to clean your body. Check your shower curtains or shower door for mold which is harmful to breath in. Turn on your exhaust fan to remove excess humidity when showering or bathing to help prevent the buildup of mildew and mold. Clean toilet regularly.

A/C Unit

Your A/C unit is easily ignored, but it circulates the air that yor breathe. Be sure to clean your air filter and to vacuum vents to get rid of unwanted dust that a dirty A/C unit would put into the air. Harmful mold can also get into these systems so check for that as well.


You start and end your day in your bedroom. It is important to get a good night’s rest to conquer your day. Make sure your bed sheets, blankets, pillows, and pillowcases are all clean to help you breathe easy. Ensure that you are comfortable so you can focus on rest. Special allergy casings for pillows and mattresses for people who may be allergic to dust mites.


The outside of the house is seen by others first. Maintain appearances by tending to your lawn, removing unwanted weeds, and trimming trees and bushes. If you are growing any fruits or vegetables, pay attention to them to ensure healthy growth.

Front Porch

The front porch is the gateway to your home. If you have a front porch, you will most likely pass through it every time you enter and leave the house. Keep the floor clean by sweeping it so there is no dust. Maintain any furniture pieces you have there and make sure everything is in order.


Check and remove expired food. Organize food in your pantry so they’re easier to find. Note what things you are running low on you you can plan ahead for next time you go grocery shopping.


Organize your important documents so you don’t have to stress out finding them when they are needed. Remove dust from your working space so you don’t inhale it in.


Remove things from your closets that you no longer want. Sometimes it is easy to put things in your closet and forget about them when they just collect dust. Organization is very important and having a full closet can lead to unwanted stress as you struggle to find the things that you need. Clean out your closet for and dust or cobwebs too.

Laundry Room

Remove drier lint so your drier can function properly so it doesn’t have to run for so long. Check for any forgotten clothing articles that you may be missing.

Living Room

There are many things that can gather dust that we do not think to clean. TV screens, coffee tables, and other things such as picture frames all should be free of dust. Wash your rugs and doormats, or vacuum if you have a carpet. Many things can get lost underneath your sofa or couch cushions, so clean there as well.

Family Room

If you have a family room, many people will gather here for different occasions. This means that it can get messy very quickly. The things to pay attention to are similar to what you would think for a living room. Ensure that your family and friends have a clean environment to gather and have a great time.


Get rid of old and broken things that you can’t fix that are just lying around cluttering your garage. Even if you do not have a garage, take care of your car as it is important to take your from place to place. Keep it clean outside and in, as you should for your own body. Keep tools organized so you can always find whatever you need.

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