Eating for Radiant Wellness


Series of 8 videos centered around losing weight based on Leslie Dahl’s “Yes I Can” Lose Weight program. Let us help you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle with these detailed videos on how to effectively lose weight that is long-lasting and is part of the foundational principles of radiant wellness. A lifestyle of radiant wellness is best described as the happy balance of healthy eating, regular exercise, personal care, managed emotions, and genuine spirituality. This video series includes an accompanied PDF document of the audio script that you can refer back to at any time with extra resources provided.

This Series includes lessons:

  • 4-5 Intermittent Fasting (9:51)
  • An Apple A Day (7:26)
  • Go easy on the Sugar (16:09)
  • Just a Pinch of Salt (6:43)
  • Go Green (4:33)
  • Mother Nature Knows Best (14:26)
  • Stay Hydrated (12:14)
  • Nothing Added (18:44)

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