A Comprehensive Blueprint for Radiant Wellness


  • Orientation – Together we will create a personalized wellness strategy based on the information provided in the intake forms. Each subsequent call includes follow-up consultation around your specific health issue as well as coaching around healthy lifestyle principles.
  • Coaching Sessions – Eight 1:1 coaching sessions with me to discuss your health challenges and goals. These coaching sessions may include herbal supplementation suggestions as appropriate.
  • Health Challenges – This program is designed for individuals who are dealing with health challenges and wish to learn how to manage and/or eliminate the effects on your everyday life.
  • Healthy Nutrition – You will learn how to choose the right kinds of foods that give you optimal nutrition so that you will feel alive with more energy to do the things you enjoy. We will take into consideration health challenges that you are dealing with.
  • Healthy Movement – You will learn simple forms of exercise and movement that will keep you healthy and fit without having to go to the gym.
  • Radiant Wellness Shopping Guide – A quick-reference chart to be mindful of what foods to look out for or avoid when you make a trip to the grocery store. This includes a guide on how to read labels to avoid highly processed foods, harmful chemicals, and added sugars that promote illnesses. You will learn how to shop for nutrition-rich foods and stay within a reasonable budget.
  • Ongoing Support Throughout Program – Throughout your journey to Radiant Wellness, I will provide ongoing support, by email or text, to you to overcome any struggles that you may experience. I will provide you with professional support the time and care to help remove any obstacles you encounter on your journey.
  • Bonus Coaching with Handouts – One additional coaching session for introducing you to principles of detoxifying your body inside and out. I will teach you how to avoid toxic buildup in your home and from personal care products. We will also discuss and help you identify barriers that are keeping you from achieving your weight-management and health goals.
  • Emotional Assessment – We will look at emotions that may be me hindering you from achieving your healthy lifestyle goals. You will learn how to fully embrace your feelings, get rid of those that are toxic, and nurture those that are affirming so that you can reduce stress. This includes the Bach Flower Self-Help Questionnaire.
  • Spiritual and Faith Support – An invitation to biblical scriptural and faith principles to help you stand and believe to achieve your desired results.


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