Tips to prepare you for your holistic health journey

  1. Get God involved in your health through prayer and commitment to the will of God for your life. Renew your mind daily! Spend Time With God and Meditate on his word. Look up scriptures related to your situation. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide your path of healing
  2. Deal with the stresses in your life until they become minimal and no longer effect you, whether it is issues with your job or in your home. Ask God to intervene. It is also important that we visualize ourselves being healthy. (Will explain my personal mountain vision).
  3. Reduce your sugar consumption. Sugar impedes the immune system which makes it difficult to fight off illnesses. And also fluctuates your emotions through hormonal changes (Adrenal glands). Sugar is not just something that puts you at risk for diabetes. It can lead to other degenerative conditions due to imbalances of the body systems. It can even decrease your ability to fight off abnormal cells in your body.
  4. Reduce your chemical load by detoxifying (There are different ways to accomplish this). Start by eliminating the usage of dangerous household chemical (Visit and by paying attention to what you put on your body. Try all-natural skin and hair care products. Experiment with what is best for your body, not what the majority is using.
  5. Find a natural health practitioner with good standing credentials, along with your doctor to assist in dealing with illnesses. You cannot afford to do this alone.