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What to expect during your consultation with me.

Congratulations for your desire to take charge of your health.

Radiant Tree Wellness offers programs for general health and wellness, and specific health needs. All programs include a medical history, and current symptoms you are experiencing to provide general health and wellness suggestions.

**Free 15 minute consultations

**Initial paid consultations without package are $150, and subsequent visits are $100.

See discount packages with added benefits below.



Free Consultations

During your free 15 minute consultation with me, we will discuss your goal for health and wellness. I will want to know any symptoms or challenges you are facing with your health. In this mini consultation, I will ask about medications and supplements you are taking. The goal of this consultation is to find out how I can assist you in your health journey, and how committed you are to your goal. If you decide to work with me, a date and time for your initial consultation will be scheduled.


Paid Consultations

The initial paid consultation usually takes about one hour. The cost for the individual initial consultation is $150 by telephone or Zoom call. Follow-up visits are $100. This price does not include any suggested herbs, supplements, or other products. See calendar for availability. Scheduling one week in advance is ideal. The paid consultation is detailed and specific to your needs. Complete the client intake form located on the consultation resources page. Submit it at least 48 hours before your scheduled appointment. I will review, evaluate, and assess the information and put together a preliminary analysis during our consultation. Fees will be expected via PayPal or credit card processing during the consultation.


Services include:

  • Complete Profile and History
  • Personalized Radiant Tree Blueprint
  • Head-to-Toe Body Assessment Print-out
  • Assessment of Lifestyle, Diet, Environmental, and Stress Factors
  • Lifestyle Guidance to Radiant Wellness and Custom Wellness Plan.
  • Supplements, Herbs, Natural Therapies, and Detoxification suggestions


Recommended Wellness Plan:

During the actual consultation, I will go over some of the points in the information you provided to give you feedback on what the information reveals to me overall including what factors may cause, relate to, and contribute to your particular issues and imbalances as well as what approaches are beneficial to your health to support your goals. Your input is welcomed during your consultation as well as any questions. A summary of your consultation will be sent to you within 3-4 days.

Follow-Up is individualized and will be established at the end of the consultation.