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Dr. Michael Mirander

Family Medicine Physician

Dr. Mirander has been a Physician for over 40 years.  He was born in Jamaica West Indies, where he started his private practice in 1980.  He then started his residency in 1988 at Jackson Memorial Hospital specializing in Family Medicine, where he also served as an Attending Physician for several years.  He has a wide range of experience including hospital, ER, Urgent Care and medical private practice.  One of his most challenging but rewarding roles was one of Chief Medical Officer at a Correctional Institute.  But of all the positions he has held, he finds that the most fulfilling one is being right where God wants him to be.

He has several medical videos previously sold in the University of Miami medical bookstore.  As well as numerous videos in a series of “Medical Minutes” posted on YouTube for viewers.  Dr. Mirander is our consulting physcian and he shares his expertise with great honor, knowing the challenges that exist for those who are managing various medical conditions.  And recognizes the benefits of patients having access to knowledge in collaboration with their primary care physician. His hobbies are tennis, designing inspirational T-Shirts and capturing precious moments through videography.