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Min. Debbie Mirander BSN, CNHP, DNH

President and Founder

Debbie Mirander is passionate about helping women create a lifestyle of radiant health so that they can care for their children and their husbands without neglecting their own well-being. A lifestyle of radiant wellness is best described as the happy balance of healthy eating, regular exercise, personal care, managed emotions, and genuine spirituality.

Debbie also helps men enjoy robust health as they love the radiant women in their lives.

Debbie’s initiation into the health arena began in 1987 when, as a young registered nurse with an Associate of Science in Nursing Degree, she took a position at the renowned Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida, one of the busiest trauma centers in the nation. It is said that if you survive at JMH, you can work anywhere.

It is there that Debbie met a young intern, Michael Mirander, and the two were married in 1990. By every appearance, Debbie had found the yellow brick road to personal and career success. She even furthered her education to receive a BSc in Nursing, which she desired to accomplish.

But in May of 1995, the Grim Reaper came knocking.


Debbie was busy with annual spring cleaning. A little hot and tired from shampooing the living room rug, Debbie sat down to relax on the couch not really aware of the lack of ventilation in the room, nor of the chemical fumes from cleaning materials being circulated through the room by the A/C.

After a few coughs, Debbie felt her chest tightening. Having suffered asthmatic symptoms from early childhood, she grabbed her ever-handy inhaler for a puff. Nothing.

Try again. Still nothing. Condition getting worse. Reach for the nebulizer. No effect. Throat starting to swell. Gasping for breath. Severe headache. Not enough oxygen getting to the brain. Call 9-1-1!

Paramedics arrive. Listening through stethoscope. Thick voice muffled through the half-conscious haze. “There’s no air flow!” Michael shows up. Debbie slips out of consciousness.

Michael watches as the paramedics lay Debbie down on the floor and continue to fight for her life.

Attempts to insert breathing tube unsuccessful…throat too swollen. Keep trying. Heart begins fluttering. Medics finally manage to get tube inserted. Carry Debbie to the ambulance to rush her to the hospital.

A concerned neighbor asks, “Is she gonna be okay?”

A somber medic replies, “It don’t look good.”

Emergency room. Paralyzed from neck down. Unable to breathe on her own. Ventilator brought. Broken! Pump air into lungs with ambu-bag. Another ventilator arrives. Also broken! Manage to fix it. Crisis averted…for the time being.

Two days in ICU. Able to come off ventilator. Back home after 3 days. Everything back to normal?

That night, Debbie felt severe pain in her legs. Possible blood clot. After soaking legs in warm water, Debbie went to the kitchen for some Bayer aspirins. Within 15 minutes her chest tightens and throat swells again. Michael rushes her to the hospital where she passes out once more and awakens to repeat the traumatic experience, clinging desperately to a fragile thread of life.

The two near-death encounters shattered Debbie’s life. Broken, with nowhere to turn for help, Debbie was left to try to assemble the fragments of emotion and lost pieces of mental and physical health. She suffered severe panic attacks and side effects from the prescribed medication with increasing regularity. She struggled to find a way through the dark shroud of depression hanging over her.

But Debbie was not one to give in, give up or quit! She started visiting natural health stores, researching natural health alternatives to the horrendous side effects of the medication she was taking. The first breakthrough came with the discovery of the B-complex and other supplements. They worked wonders…and motivated her to further research and study.

Five years in Jamaica (1996-2001), Michael’s homeland, introduced Debbie to a natural lifestyle and gave her opportunity to advance her understanding of natural therapies that promote holistic health.

A major component of Debbie’s road to recovery and ultimately to radiant health is the spiritual factor. Learning to meditate on and pray healing Scriptures became a daily practice. She compiled these meditations, Scriptures and prayers in her first book, “Standing on The Promises of God”, a devotional prayer book and a personal booklet of “Healing Scriptures” (in pdf and audio format) for the healing of mind, body and soul.

Debbie’s most recent book, “Standing and Believing on The Promises of God“, is a continuation of the first devotional book.

Her personal experience of the power of God to heal convinced Debbie that prayer, meditation on the Word of God, positive confessions, eliminating a stressful lifestyle, adopting a diet of healthy foods was the beginning of the miraculous transformation of her life and leading to her present joy of radiant wellness.

Debbie has spent the last 20-plus years inspiring others with her personal testimony and teaching them how they, too, can enjoy the lifestyle of wellness she has discovered through healthy eating, regular exercise, personal care, managed emotions and authentic spirituality.

As a minister of radiant wellness, Debbie helps women create a lifestyle of radiant health so that they can care for their children and husbands without neglecting their own well-being. She also has a heart to see men enjoy robust health as they love the radiant women in their own lives.

After years of nursing, studying natural health and pursuing her passion for radiant health, Debbie achieved her fervent desire to obtain a Doctorate in Naturopathy (Natural Health). She received her certificate in November 2020.

She continues to inspire others to a lifestyle of radiant wellness as she promotes radiance from within, vitality throughout and complete wholeness. Her motto is: “Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.” (3 John 2)